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Fayetteville Police Department Receives Mobile Medication Drop Box from Insight Human Services

Post Date:05/21/2019 2:36 PM



Gina V. Hawkins

Chief of Police

Release: IMMEDIATE    

Media Contact:  Sgt. S. Strepay, Public Information Officer

Media Inquiries: (910) 433-1487 

Date: May 21, 2019         



Fayetteville Police Department Receives Mobile Medication Drop Box from Insight Human Services


(Fayetteville, NC) – The Fayetteville Police has received a mobile medication drop box which has been donated by Insight Human Services, which will be used at various community events attended by the Fayetteville Police Department so citizens may safely and conveniently dispose of unused or expired prescription or over-the-counter medications.


Medicine Drop Box 1                                 Medicine Drop Box 2

Citizens will be able to drop off over-the-counter drugs, prescriptions, samples, and pet medications with no questions asked at various community events, including Operation Ceasefire Movie Nights. Law enforcement partners will help dispose of the medications in the same secure way they dispose of other drug items. Drugs should not be flushed or thrown away in the garbage as they may contaminate water sources.

Medications are the leading cause of child poisoning, with more than 64,000 children going to an emergency room for medicine poisoning each year, according to a study by Safe Kids Worldwide. That's one child every eight minutes.

Citizens may discard of unused and expired medication, year-round, at the permanent Operation Medicine Drop boxes located within the Fayetteville Police Department’s Main Administration Building located at 467 Hay Street, the Central District Substation located at 3811 Sycamore Dairy Road, or the Cross Creek District Substation located at 6147 Raeford Road.


About Insight Human Services

Insight Human Services’ Prevention Services Team operates in 13 counties across North Carolina.  We believe in building better communities through population-based approaches and evidence-based prevention programs. During the two years we have been serving Cumberland County, we have provided youth prevention education, community and agency staff education, collaborated with numerous organizations and coalitions, and carried out large-scale communication campaigns.  Most recently we have participated in the Department of Health and Human Services statewide Lock Your Meds campaign, which educates on safe storage and disposal. Through the Federal Cures Grant to address the opioid crisis, awarded to North Carolina in 2017, we were given an opportunity to provide sustainability to the prevention efforts we have worked so diligently to implement. For more information visit the Insight Human Services website at

About Operation Ceasefire

Operation Ceasefire is an offer made by our whole community to assist individuals in successfully changing their lifestyles. This includes businesses who are willing to hire ex-felons or assist with job placement, ministries that are willing to mentor, admonish, and exhort individuals struggling with life changes, and resource organizations designed to assist with daily needs and challenges of successful living. Operation Ceasefire is not a program to forgive offenders of violent acts. It is a program that meets individuals where they are to help them reach the next level of change, if change is what they want. For those who continue doing harm, it is a promise to bring the full impact of a united community to vigorously prosecute violent crime. For more information visit the Operation Ceasefire website at

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